10477: Quadrilla Whirlpool

toy image

Due: 07-04-2018

Category: COO
No Pieces: 59
1 cardboard box with white cardboard lining
1 instruction booklet
1 large whirlpool track piece
1 large snake shape track piece
4 curved track pieces

4 blue blocks
4 turquise blocks
2 green blocks
2 red blocks
2 orange blocks
3 yellow blocks
2 natural wooden blocks

1 snaplock bag containing:
10 purple squares with hollow center
7 natural wooden squares with hollow center

1 snaplock bag containing:
4 round cream coloured plugs
1 red plastic ramp
8 smaller red wooden ramps

This item does not include marbles. If you would like to borrow some please ask a staff member.

*Hint - use instruction booklet to help identify pieces when counting. Place marbles back in check in drawer, not it toy bag on return*
Age: 4 years +